AQI device

The first affordable Air Quality Index Lora based sensor

Able to provide full set of AQI measurements.  Measure all relevant parameters necessary to calculate Air Quality Index:
Gases: NO2, CO and O3
Particles condensation at PM2.5 and PM10.
Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and GPS location
Collected measurements are sent over LoRaWan, operating in either private or public mode over European or North American bands of LoRaWan


Transmission power (typical radiated value)       up to +14 dBm
Reception sensitivity (typical)     down to -148 dBm
Supported Frequencies  863.000 MHz to 870.000 MHz
Antenna type     Internal or External whip antenna with +3.5DBi gain
Firmware version            V2.0.1
Hardware version            V1.0.1
LoRaWAN specification implemented      LoraWAN speification 1.0.2
LoRaWAN hardware       Microchip RN2483a module /
LoRaWAN Class(es) 1.0/1.0.1/1.0.2         LoraWan Class A
Norms, certifications      EN 300 220-2 v2.4.1
Height   27,0 cm
Width    17,5 cm
Depth      7,0 cm
AC/DC   110-220 V AC/ DC 5.5-15V / Solar / Battery