LinkThings is able to operate in different sectors thanks to our knowledge and partners. Two of the stakeholders of LinkThings are the DAEL group and the VTM group and this gives LinkThings a great variety of knowledge and expertise in various segments and sectors.


Healthcare Sector

With our IoT solutions, LinkThings is able to let suppliers in the healthcare sector benefit from the data collected by the devices. LinkThings is able to reduce customer visits and increase customer satisfaction. The data will ultimately give the insight and tools needed to increase the quality of life of the end-customer.

Transport Sector

The Netherlands -as a transport country- is always looking for ways to make the transport sector more efficient, less polluting, and safer. Tracking and tracing on different networks, combined with other sensor tracing like temperature, CO2, and the capabilities of the drivers make it affordable to trace the whole chain of transportation and to improve its overall quality.

Security Sector

The value of knowing where and when people are present is becoming more valuable every day. The use of parking sensors, highly accurate CO2 sensors or any other sensor on several networks makes it possible to act quickly when a disruptive or dangerous event takes place. Even preventive actions can take place if data analysis and business intelligence show that the probability of a security hazard increases.

Sector …..

Try to challenge LinkThings. With our expertise, LinkThings is able to supply solutions for a range of industries not discussed on this website. Please contact us to have a constructive discussion.


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