High quality is our standard, every tracker is tested thouroghly.
We have connectivity plans with several operators, so we are able to offer the best connectivity plans for your businsess.
Smart engine & Portal
Our portal is simple to use, quick. Our smart engine will take guarding your assets out of your hands. Just set your triggers and the smart engine will alert you via the portal or e-mails when needed.

Checkie Product

We make it easy to monitor your valuables. For example, you have a motorcycle or car in a garage box. You do not want to log in every day to monitor whether the car is still there. Our robot makes it very simple for you. You configure that you want a message when the engine comes outside the garage box and the robot then monitors this day and night. You will immediately receive a message if the car is outside the garage box.

Checkie Theft

You have received a message that your motorcycle or car is out of the garage box. You will of course go straight to the garage box to check if there is a break-in. If this is the case, you can now use our special theft function in the portal. With the theft function we put the tracker in theft mode. This means that for a short period (1 day) you will now see every minute where the tracker is. This allows you to track down the thief together with the police.

Checkie track and trace