Coldcha portal

Our portal is web-based. This means that you can log into the Coldcha portal with any device with internet and a browser. You log in securely with your password and username.

in control

The portal creates an overview and gives you the means to view your shipments in detail.  Within a minute you can check the status, location and if there is action needed. Now you’re always in control.

Be proactive

In our portal you can see all your shipments in one overview. Each shipment gets a score and a possible alert. You can immediately see which shipment you need to check.


Machine learning

We have taught our Robot the technology machine learning decision tree. We use this technique to quickly identify serious situations in live data. We have opted for machine learning, because this technology makes our Robot better at recognizing serious situations every day.

Artificial intelligence

We have provided our Robot with AI technology to advise you as well as possible.
Alerts are created in the machine learning module. Our AI technology interprets these alerts and decides whether it will actually warn you.

Alert e mail

If our Robot detects an urgent problem, it will immediately send you a message. This message contains the description of the problem and a link to the shipment, With this link you easily check the shipment.


Customer portal

In the customer portal you can determine which shipments are visible to your customers. Now your customers are able to follow the products and act early if a shipment is delayed.

Shipment report

We make a report of every shipment. Every shipment gets a rating. It also contains the details of the shipment. This report is nicely formatted in PDF so you can send it to your customer.

Customer satisfaction

In the setting you determine how transparent you are. Our experience is that customers greatly appreciate transparency. It will further improve the relationship with the customer.


Reduce Costs

By centralizing all information online in one place, you always have an overview. This allows you to make better decisions, shorten the lead time for the customer and better refute claims.

Upload proof

Your customer opens the Coldcha claim portal, adds a description why the claim is being submitted and upload the proof "the photos". You will immediately receive a warning that a claim has been submitted.

Considered decision

Coldcha links the customer claim information to the information of the shipment and creates a total overview. Now you can make a decision  based on all facts. We store all claims accepted or rejected so you can easily check previous decisions.


Customized advice

You provide your business problem. We advise what information you need to improve your business problem. If you agree, we will look for the best tracker.

brand independent

We are not tied to one brand tracker. This enables us to always advise the best tracker for you. When introducing a new brand of tracker, we test the trackers extensively. This is how we guarantee quality.

Tracker experts

Every year we deploy thousands of trackers for our customers. Because of this we have gained a lot of experience in the field of trackers. We use this to advise you.