Optimize your total EMV (mobility scooter) supply chain

asset management

Let data be the driverĀ 
A portal to access all relevant EMV data

managen van assets v2

A pro-active supply chain
Prevent damage and downtime by using the triggers we create pro-actively

customer satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction
Surprise your customer with your hands-on mentality

Wheelie will send messages when the batteries will need to be charged, according your charging behaviour. This to prevent battery damage and downtime of the EMV.

Prevent battery defects

The customer care contact with the complaining customers can be decreased and shortened. The customer care will have direct access to EMV data to solve problems remotely.

Help your customers

Wheelie is able to read real-time EMV data. This data is used to send mechanics to customers to prevent downtime pro-actively.

Service engineer customer focused

Wheelie gives tailormade advice for every specific customer. This to learn customers to use the EMV in a good way.

Engage your customer