We connect people with the world of things to make them relevant

LinkThings provides the complete solution to transform your devices into connected objects. Send sensor data to the cloud. Analyze and visualize your data. Trigger a (re)action.

The LinkThings Cloud platform provides the complete software solution for device vendors and businesses for the implementation of smart Internet of Things M2M applications. This makes company processes more agile and brings cost-efficiency within reach.


LinkThings facilitates the complete data journey.


Send sensor data to the cloud.


Analyze and visualize your data.


Trigger a reaction.

Mon Sep 03 11:00:43 +0000 2018

Running pilot for testing regenerated batteries #welzorg #IoT #M2M data analysis in the portal https://t.co/vxBxRUPveQ

Tue Jul 03 12:11:48 +0000 2018

Installing parking sensors @QFree #qfree @vtm #dael with q-free Norway great weather here https://t.co/dNY0u4Jaqg

Thu Jun 14 09:45:40 +0000 2018

Waarom kosten ICT-projecten vaak meer dan gedacht? 'Men wil alles tegelijk' https://t.co/GcgFkTfMl7 via @NOS

LinkThings company info

LinkThings is a company with strong core beliefs:

  1. Open data is inseparably connected with IoT;
  2. Bringing vertically separated businesses together will lead to disruptive opportunities in both businesses;
  3. Everything LinkThings does must contribute to a more sustainable world.

LinkThings Cloud Features

  1. Real-time data collection and storage
  2. Analytics and visualizations
  3. Alerts
  4. Scheduling
  5. Device communication
  6. Open API
  7. Geolocation data


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