The Endless Possibilities of The Internet of Things

LinkThings collaborates with a number of other companies on projects to combine the possibilities of the Internet of Things, data, and the knowledge of LinkThings to facilitate or solve customer needs or to optimize customer processes.

Hardware independent tracking & tracing services

In the world of tracking & tracing freights and goods, the tracking products are inexhaustible. 

Emmissions to detect use

The highly sensitive CO2, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, light sensor device makes it possible to detect if people use a meeting room so cleaning companies are able to perform tailormade cleaning service. 


Air Quality measurements trigger action

In the Netherlands clean air is a great good. With the dense population and the large amounts of cars, trucks and industry it is difficult to meet the European norms for Air Quality. Measurement is the start to come to cleaner air.

Making Electrical Mobility Vehicles "smart"

By connecting electrical mobility vehicles, it will be possible to detect defects in a very early stage, so proactive maintenance is possible. Also the user behaviour can be used as input for maintenance.