Hardware independent tracking & tracing services

In the world of tracking & tracing freights and goods, the tracking products are inexhaustible. Temperature loggers, “real time trackers” with GPS or triangular location measurements are widely spread. We as LinkThings created a hardware independent platform to facilitate the customer “tracking” needs seamless.

This results in a service which offers the same reports and alerts for the different hardware used and integrate the tracking & tracing on a completely different level. Activation of the trackers, ruling, alerts and online trip insights are generated instantly. The claim reports are generated when customer limits are exceeded or when claims are received. With these information logistic chains and operational processes can easily be optimized and customers can proactively be informed about the quality and delivery date of their freights and goods.

For these customers we integrated e.g. SENDUM PT300 devices, EMERSON GO lux trackers. One of the LinkThings services is that the customer always has sufficient stock of these trackers. LinkThings is a supplier of the trackers and is able to add more brands and types of hardware if required.

LinkThings has a customer base with its origin in the fresh produce and flower business in the Netherlands.