LinkThings facilitates the complete data journey. From collecting to analysing to actions. LinkThings creates a dedicated data platform to collect and store the data. This is used to supply the enriched information on different levels. “Raw” data can be provided as well. We are experts in complete analyses and related actions for process optimizations and cost reductions with increasing customer satisfaction as a result.


Send sensor data to the cloud.

Sensors, or things, sense data and typically act locally. LinkThings enables sensors, instruments, and websites to send data to the cloud to be stored in a channel. Once data has been stored in a LinkThings Cloud channel, you can analyse and visualise it, create new enriched data, or interact with social media, web services, and other devices.


Analyze and visualize your data.

Storing data in the cloud provides easy access to your data. Using online analytical tools, you can explore and visualise data, discover relationships, patterns, and trends in data or calculate new insights. This data can be visualised in plots, charts, and gauges.


Trigger a reaction.

Acting on data could be something simple like receiving a text message or email when the temperature you are measuring exceeds 70° F. Or you could set up a more intricate action such as optimizing your operational processes for the maintenance or delivery to reduce costs or to increase customer satisfaction by proactive maintenance or shorter repair lead times.


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